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Guide to the Awakened Evan! Ver. II

Note : I cannot guarantee that the info provided here is correct, should you see any mistake, please tell me so I could correct it, thanks in advance.
Note 2 : This is a post-Alliance Unbound Evan Guide.
Warning: Image Heavy Post. Allow some time for the images to load before viewing.

Credits :
Spadow’s Blog
Max’s Blog
Fiel of Southperry


KMS – Full Release (Evan with all changes to date)
JMS – Full Release
CMS – Full Release
TWMS – Full Releasee
TMS – 1st Stage Release (Evan with Big Bang Changes Only)
GMS – Full Release
MSEA – 2nd Stage Release (Evan with Big Bang & Chaos Changes Only)
EMS – 2nd Stage Release

List of Contents

Click on the words in this list to move to the respective section or sub-section.

Info of Evan
Evan Storyline
Pros and Cons
AP Build
Skills Changelog – Alliance Unbound

Evan Abilities
Evan Skills
Evan Skills Animation
Evan Skills Builds

Suggested Training Areas

More about Evan
Evan Equipments
Evan Mounts
Evan Quests
Q & A

Guide Version History
Pre-BB Evan Skills Info
Pre-Chaos Evan Guide
Pre-Legends Evan Guide

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