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Out of Town~

Just thought to say this…I will not be in Singapore starting from 2nd September as I will be in China for 1.5 months due to attachment. During this period of time, I may not be able to do any extractions.

On the slight note, I will working on some classes guides such as Luminous as well as updating existing guides to Tempest patch along with their hyper skills. I hope I could get them done to publish when I return.

I will try extract or update the guides in China if possible.


MSEA V121 Update – Legends Finale & Advance of the Union

Summary and Patch Link:
Ver 1.20 to 1.21 Patch File (File Size is approx. 176MB) :
Official Announcement:
Patch Notes:

1) All of the above links are provided by AsiaSoft/Nexon/Wizet for MapleSEA, they reserved the rights to remove them and can do so at any point of time.

Contents Added and Released (Red = Release in this patch) :
Silent Crusade
Ellin Forest & Mu Long Dojo Revamp
Skill Revamp (Union Version – Aran & Evan Revamp are combined)

Sports Festival
Phantom & Related Stuffs (Skills, Canes, Card etc)
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