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MSEA V96 Update

Note: This is a pre-patch extraction. The extracted contents can be changed anytime before the real patch is done. (FTP Server if you are wondering)

Update 1: Right. The FTP Patch File was up again… changes were made
Update 2: Character.wz Added.
Update 3: Official Patch File Released. Some Minor Changes Made. Not of much significant though.

Summary and Patch Link :
Ver 0.95 to 0.96 Patch File (File Size is about 38.6MB) :
Official Announcement:
Patch Notes:

1) All of the above links are by AsiaSoft for MapleSEA, they reserved the rights to remove them and can do so at any point of time. (As far as I notice, they are starting to delete away old patch files, so it will be best if you could patch your client before it was deleted)

Contents Added and Released (Red = Release in this patch) :
Halloween Maps, Quest, Npcs etc… (Haunted Mansion 2)
Halloween Event Quest Items/Equipments
Treasure Hunt/MV Event
Dual Blader Maps, Items/Equipments, Npcs etc…. (Pre-Quests)
Portal Link changed to include Haunted Mansion (Linking Haunted Mansion to CWK)
Tons and Tons of chairs Added

Dual Blader Skills Added
Total Incomplete Resistance Skills
Some Hob King PQ monsters Added
More Neo City Monsters Added
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