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MSEA V107 Update

Note: This is a pre-patch extraction. The extracted contents can be changed anytime before the real patch is done.

FTP Raw File Size: 103MB
Complied Patch File Size: 105MB

Summary and Patch Link :
Ver 1.06 to 1.07 Patch File (File Size is approx. 105MB) :
Official Announcement:
Patch Notes:

1) All of the above links are provided by AsiaSoft/Nexon/Wizet for MapleSEA, they reserved the rights to remove them and can do so at any point of time.

Contents Added and Released (Red = Release in this patch) :
Ultimate Explorer
Von Leon
Guild Revamp
Plenty of Events (Gaga Crayon, Everyday Event, Tomato Event, Beer Tent etc running all the way to mid October….looks like the Chaos patch release date is sealed)
Boss Revamp/Revert
Nerfed Fairy Pendant Added

VIP Equipments Added
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