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MSEA V88 Update

Summary and Patch Link :
NOTE : MSEA has released v0.89 Patch & V0.90 Patch as of 11 Feb. However, this Update will be based on V0.88 Patch ONLY since V0.89/V0.90 Patch are bug fix patches. So there may be some discrepancy in this extraction.

Ver 0.87 to 0.90 Patch File :
Ver 0.88 to 0.90 Patch File :
Ver 0.89 to 0.90 Patch File :

Contents Added and Released (Red = Release in this patch) :
Kerning Square
Neo City
Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist
Vega’s Scroll
Valentine’s Day And CNY Events (Similar to JMS & CMS)
Premium Mini Dungeon
Mirror of Dimension
UI Upgrades

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