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MSEA V159 Update – Kinesis

Note: This is a pre-patch extraction. Contents added may be changed in the official patch.

Raw File Size: 356MB

Update: Added the remaining missing monsters in Mob.wz. Ursus has no images as it uses a different rendering system (or maybe I just have not discovered the image location). Also, I believe Ursus’ stats are scaled as his HP is definitely more than 6.3b iirc.

Summary and Patch Link:
V1.58 to V1.59 Manual Patch (~358 MB) :

1) All of the above links are provided by AsiaSoft/Nexon/Wizet for MapleSEA, they reserved the rights to remove them and can do so at any point of time.

Contents Added and Released (Red = Release in this patch) :
Kinesis (from 25 May)
Korean Folk Town & Dojo Revamp
Anniversary Event (KMS 12th Anniversary)
Hyper Stats Revamp

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