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Back for MOAR!

Well…not really back with a new laptop, but will be getting 1 later this week and is using my old computer for now which is rather slow.

Anyways! Since nobody has posted an extraction for MapleSEA during my absence, I will be continuing. Currently, I am in the midst of (re-)coding my program and optimise it. Please bear with me for a moment and help me spot any mistakes!

I will probably be putting up the extraction of Cygnus Returns Patch tomorrow (better late then never) if there is no new patch to release Root Abyss.

I have added a few more functions that I previously is lacking and below are my coding progress if you are interested~
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This might just be the end

I will keep my post short as I am typing from my phone… my laptop has recently died, I will not be able to post any extractions until I get a new one which is likely to be in September. (especially that I lost my updated scripts and could only retrieve an old version)

Until then, I wouldn’t be able to do any extractions. Sorry about that.

If anyone decided to provide extractions for MapleSEA. This will be my last post in this blog, else I will continue after September.

Once again, sorry for this and thank you for those who have supported me!

Out of Town~

Just thought to say this…I will not be in Singapore starting from 2nd September as I will be in China for 1.5 months due to attachment. During this period of time, I may not be able to do any extractions.

On the slight note, I will working on some classes guides such as Luminous as well as updating existing guides to Tempest patch along with their hyper skills. I hope I could get them done to publish when I return.

I will try extract or update the guides in China if possible.

Just some Changes

MapleSEA Extractions:
As some of you may have know, I have been playing KMS for some time already and have completely stopped playing MapleSEA since it hit Chaos. I will still continue to extract for MapleSEA, however, I may not be able to stay up to date to its latest announcements/updates. As such, I would appreciate it if anyone could inform me of any upcoming patch. Thanks!

As there is some images display problems in the Legend Guide, I will be temporarily removing public view for it and will only post them up again in 3 separate guides for each job after I have reworked their images and updating the Justice nerfs. I will not be posting pre-Justice skills data anymore.

I will also be removing the extremely outdated Resistance Guide after tomorrow. I may or may not post another guide on them again.

P.S: I will probably remove all the old images in the previous Legend Guide. Oh, also do tell me if you do play KMS! 🙂

Update: Problem fixed! Turn out to be theme incompatibility. Restored the old guide. New guides to follow.
Update 2: Oh well, problem went back again. Guess I will just change all images. Sticking to original plan.
Final Update: Firefox Pipelining is the culprit behind it. Not going to replace old images. Old guide to stay.

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