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MSEA V162 Update – V

Note: This is a pre-patch extraction. The contents may be changed in the official patch.

Note 2: As this is the first patch containing massive file optimizations, there may be some images out of sync (I have tried to minimize this)

*Just updated Quest.wz. I missed the back section of the text after a long chain of unrelated quests. In short, 5th job is not coming right away and the new area is released part by part like KMS.

Raw File Size: 906MB

Summary and Patch Link:
V1.61 to V1.62 Manual Patch (~907MB) :

1) All of the above links are provided by AsiaSoft/Nexon/Wizet for MapleSEA, they reserved the rights to remove them and can do so at any point of time.

Contents Added and Released (Red = Release in this patch) :
5th Job + Road to Extinction (23 Nov)
Blaster (7 Dec)
Chew Chew Island (14 Dec)
Lacheln (28 Dec)
Arcane Symbol System
File Optimization
Critical Rate, Defense, Avoid, Accuracy Revamp
V Patch Events
Arcaneshade Set (Level 200 Set)

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MSEA V162 Update – Skill.wz

Main Post:

Extra: I have also added the animations for Hayato, Kanna & Zen 5th job skills.
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