Back for MOAR!

Well…not really back with a new laptop, but will be getting 1 later this week and is using my old computer for now which is rather slow.

Anyways! Since nobody has posted an extraction for MapleSEA during my absence, I will be continuing. Currently, I am in the midst of (re-)coding my program and optimise it. Please bear with me for a moment and help me spot any mistakes!

I will probably be putting up the extraction of Cygnus Returns Patch tomorrow (better late then never) if there is no new patch to release Root Abyss.

I have added a few more functions that I previously is lacking and below are my coding progress if you are interested~

Character.wz – Done
Item.wz – 90% Done
Map.wz – Partially Done (Main Problems lie in my outdated hardware, hopefully will be solved when I get new laptop)
Mob.wz – Done + Added Raw Changelog
Npc.wz – Done
Skill.wz – Partially Added Raw Changelog for now
Quest.wz – Done + Added Raw Changelog


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