MSEA Big Bang – News

MSEA has FINALLY updated their teaser website for Big Bang including the trailer. Refer to here for more info.

As shown in the video, the change is coming on Summer….which is probably May eh?

I am also wondering whether MapleSEA will appear in the Licence2Play fair once again this year. As AsiaSoft had once celebrated the launch of MapleSEA Episode 2 in the fair previously in 2009, there is a high chance there will be a celebration in lieu of the BBP as it is of (about) the same scale as Epi 2. (In fact, BBP is on an even larger scale than Epi 2) I will not be suprised if MapleSEA is showcased AGAIN.

Update 1: Ok, so AsiaSoft has decided to release the countdown to BBP. As expected, it is scheduled to be released on 18 May. Click here for the countdown.

Yes, if you notice it, it is MapleStory Episode 3! What could this mean?!? (ThaiMS, which is also published by AsiaSoft, did not show any hints that there will be Episode 3)

MapleSEA Episode 2 Patch Part 1 was released on 20 May 2009 previously. (not counting the delay) After 2 years, AsiaSoft/Nexon decided to release the BB/MapleSEA Episode 3 Patch on 18 May 2011 which so happen to be on the same week where the Episode 2 was released previously.

So….Is AsiaSoft/Nexon going to continue the content trend once set 2 years ago? (Releasing many contents in 1 patch)

or is it just purely a tagline? Only time will tell….

Update 2: It seems like AsiaSoft is really going to showcase MapleSEA Episode 3 in the Licence2Play Fair once again this year! As seen here, the official website for Licence2Play has Resistance Pictures in the background…….could this mean there will be a showcase? I guess it is 90% confirmed now….though more details are to be confirmed.

So, some may ask: what does this have to do with MapleSEA Episode 3?

Well, i cant say for sure that it will directly means anything in MapleSEA….but here are some trends:

MapleSEA Episode 2 :

  • Part 1 and Part 2 launched on 20 May and 10 June respectively
  • Celebrated in collaboration with Licence2Play Game Fair in 2009 for the launch of Episode 2
  • Celebration held in Suntec City Convention Hall
  • Huge Content Release (Accumulated from the slow release before then)
  • Last Patch on 22 April 2009
  • MapleSEA Episode 3 (Things are known as of now) :

  • Part 1 confirmed to be launched on 18 May (which so happen to be the same week as the release Episode 2 previously)
  • Likely to be celebrated in collaboration with Licence2Play once again
  • Celebration will be held in Suntec City Convention Hall (if there is)
  • Slow Content Release before Episode 3 resulting in MapleSEA being very slow now
  • Last Patch on 30 March 2011
  • As seen above, all of the trends (as least for what i noticed), all seems to match other than the last point. So, the main point that i am trying to say is whether will AsiaSoft follow Episode 2 Content Trend to release accumulated contents together? As of now, the other trend matches.

    Update 3: AsiaSoft has finally revealed that MapleSEA will be participating in their annual ASGF (in conjunction with Licence2Play) at Suntec City Convention Hall 401 in Singapore….everything seems in place now…though it is still TOO early to comment on it. For more information on the ASGF 2011, refer to here

    Final Update: I only have four words (please read the 2 bold words in Chinese for another meaning) for AsiaSoft/Nexon or who ever is in charge of planning the content release for MapleSEA – Shocking and Total Disappointment

    MapleSEA has released a official announcement on the release date for BBP as seen here. I used to anticipate the release of BBP + some contents from AfterShock since it is Episode 3, but that was totally crushed by the fabulous plan by AsiaSoft/Nexon. Not to mention the fact that Mechanic is scheduled for Early July. So July is what they count as first half of the year…..or Mechanic is not part of BBP? (Obviously the former)

    Summary of Contents Scheduled for MSEA Big Bang Patch
    Rebalance + all the changes included in BBP
    Resistance excluding Mechanic
    MSEA 6th Anniversary Events
    Whole month reserved for emergency patches (We shall see whether this is included in their plan of a less buggy BBP which causes the late release in MSEA)


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    1. thanks for the extractions! ^^ will you be extracting for BB also when it’s released? can’t wait!

      • i will if i have the time…no promises here as by then i may have to focus on my studies…

        anyway, there will be an update to this post soon (earliest by tmr)

        (spoiler)i saw some resistance pics on l2p website..

    2. Thanks for sharing. ^^

    3. cant register maple story episode 3

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