Q & A for Aran Class; Things to prepare

Q : How to create an Aran Character?

A : The Same Usual way you use to create Adventurers / Knight of Cygnus, just remember to click on the Aran picture.

Q : Can i switch class from an Adventurer to Aran?

A : Obviously Not.

Q : Will there be a free slot given for Aran just like Knight of Cygnus?

A : Yes.

Q : Does Aran have Bless of Fairy? If yes, how it is calculated then?

A : Yes. It is caclulated based on the current formula which takes the highest character level divided by 10 and then rounded down

Q : Does Aran start on Maple Island?

A : No. It starts off at Rien.

Q : OMG! I start off as a level 200 Aran!

A : Do not be happy too fast. It is meant to show you some of Aran Combo Skills and it is just about Aran past. When you complete the quest, thats the end, u will become level 1 again.

Q : What kind of weapon does Aran use? What kind of clothes does Aran wear?

A : Pole Arm. Just the same kind as the normal warrior

Q : How Many AP, SP does Aran obtain at each level up?

A : 5 AP, 3 SP for each level up; same as Adventurers

Q : Aran has low HP, doesn’t it? (Frequently Asked Question)

A : It has lower HP compared to Warriors as it lacks Max HP Increase. However, by another person who tested Aran in KMST,
Level 120 Aran – Around 8000HP
Level 150 Aran – Around 12000HP

A person who tested it in KMS: (I believe this person uses the theory method based on Level 1 – 30 Stats)
Level 1 – 30 Aran : Every Level Gives 44-48 Max HP, 4-8 Max MP
Level 50 : Around 2300HP
Level 100 : Around 4600
Level 200 : Around 9200HP

Q : So should my Aran wash HP?

A : If you want to do so, you can.

Q : Is the Storage for in-game items, Cash Items, MTS for Aran Linked to the others Character? (Frequently Asked Questions)

A : Yes, as long as it is in the same account, it is linked except for Cash Items. Aran, like Knight of Cygnus, features its own cash wardrobe. (I can see the storm coming to ASF alrdy)
Things that you can prepare for Aran :
Warrior Equips / Weapons (Pole Arm), Pole Arm Scroll (100% going to increase in price when Aran is released)

Things that you will need to have for your Aran Character (When it is released) :

1st Job Advancement – Nothing (Easy)
2nd Job Advancement – Nothing (Collect things)
3rd Job Advancement – Maker Skill, 1 Dark Crystal, 3 Diamond Ore, 3 Garnet Ore (Make a thing + kill a boss)
4th Job Advancement – Nothing (Kill Boss)
Pole Arm Combo Skill QuestNothing (Level 13)
Pole Arm Booster Skill Quest – Nothing (Level 22)
Pole Arm Mastery Skill Quest – Holy Water / All Cure Pot if u need it [The Boss is able to seal and seduce; Puppeteer] (Level 31)
Contiual Drain Skill Quest – Combat Step at a certain corner, Holy Water / All Cure Potion if u need it [The Boss is able to seal and seduce;  Higher Level Puppeteer] (Level 37)
Pole Arm Smash Skill Quest – All Cure Potion if you need it [The Boss is able to cast Weakness] (Level 45)
Pole Arm Push Skill Quest – 50 Straw Doll from Straw Target Dummy, 50 Wooden Doll for Wooden Target Dummy, 100 Broken Piece of Pot from Jar (Found in Mu Lung or Herb Town) , 500k mesos, 100 Bellflower from Bellflower Root in Herb Town [The Boss for this Quest is able to cast Weakness, Seduce; Nerfed Mu Gong of the Mu Lung Dojo] {The Other is able to cast Reflect} (Level 54)
*Full Swing Skill Quest – Holy Water / All Cure Potion if you want [The Boss is able to cast Seal and Dispel] (Level 70)
*This quest involves the most NPC from different towns, Erev, Elin Forest, Henesys, Southperry, Rien (Be Prepared to waste alot of time here for traveling)
Level 50 Mount Quest – 50 Seal Meat from Freezer or Sparker of Aqua Road, 10m mesos, 50 Jr. Yeti’s Skin from Jr. Yeti of El Nath (Collecting Items)
Level 100 Mount Quest – 200 Lime Powder Bottle from Bone Fish of Aqua Dungeon, 200 Butter-Toasted Squid from Risell Squid of Aqua Dungeon, 200 Ink Bottle from Squid of Aqua Dungeon, 40m mesos (Collecting Items)
Level 150 Mount Quest – Maker Skill, 500 Iced Shark’s Fin from Cold Shark of Aqua Dungeon, 500 Wyvern Wing from Red Wyvern of Leafre, 500 Broken Horn from Skelegon of Leafre, 80m mesos (Make an Item + Kill a boss to tame it)

Note : This does not includes 4th Job Quests for the the Skill. You may want to start collecting the above items, Here are a list of Items Needed.

Legend :
Magenta Colour – All the 3 different Category
Red Colour – Job Advacement Quests
Blue Colour – Skill Quests (Excluding 4th Job)
Green Colour – Mount Quests

Things Needed for Aran Quests : (Including Mount Quests)
Skills Needed – :
Maker Skill
Combat Step

Useables Needed –
Holy Water (Optional)
All Cure Potion (Optional)

Etc Needed –
1 Dark Crystal
3 Diamond Ore
3 Garnet Ore

50 Straw Doll
50 Wooden Doll
100 Broken Piece of Pot
100 Bellflower

50 Seal Meat
50 Jr. Yeti’s Skin
200 Lime Powder Bottle
200 Butter-Toasted Squid
200 Ink Bottle
500 Iced Shark’s Fin
500 Wyvern Wing
500 Broken Horn

Total Mesos Needed – 130m 500k


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